The new ACTION Community Health Center at 130 Water Street, Fitchburg, opens on Monday, January 8th.

Board of Directors

Community Health Connections is a federally qualified health center which means the majority of the board must be our patients. This ensures that programs and policies address the needs of those we serve.

Paul Schiavitti, Chair
Melissa Maranda, Vice Chair
Roderick Stocking, Treasurer
Gregg Buckman, Clerk
Oscar Bayingana
Cindy Cadoret
Jane Crocker
Mary Giannetti
Irene Hernandez
Rod Lewin
Emily MacRae
David J. Streb
David Williams

Fitchburg Community Health Center

326 Nichols Road, Fitchburg, MA

Gardner Community Health Center

175 Connors Street, Gardner, MA

Leominster Community Health Center

14 Manning Avenue, Leominster, MA

ACTION Health Services

326 Nichols Road, Fitchburg, MA

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